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What is a Psychic Medium

A Psychic Medium is a person who can connect with your past loved ones and bring messages of love, hope and guidance. Every Medium is Psychic but not every Psychic is a Medium. A Psychic perceives by energy and Aura and a Medium receives from a passed loved one.

Truth be told, Spirit speaks to me in many ways. Anything I see or hear is always used for the highest good.

I trust my visions whether they are clear or muffled, but truth be told the immortal soul knows everything the mortal soul does not so the soul speaks to thoughts. The language of Spirit speaks to the thoughts of a person through symbols and images.

Important to note that predictions are based and seen in the now, time and energy are fluid. Things can change due to our God given free will. That being said, knowing the outcome does not ensure the security and things can change. Bottom line we still need to live these experiences on the journey to our next destination.

Myself and so many other Psychic Mediums refer to predictions as markers placed by fate. Markers trigger your journey in this life. So when I speak or give a reading I humbly surrender to Spirit. It is my duty and honor to serve them and I do so with a humble release of ego and handing it over to Spirit with detachment. True soul work is always done in the present.

I always encourage all to be aware of your own little signs as they are sacred sign bearers who may cross your path. I encourage you to engage and see what these signs may mean to you and what Spirit is trying to tell you. Remember God put us here for a purpose and he did not leave us without any tools so we can fail. That is not the intention at all, we are here to succeed!

- Psychic Medium Charlene

Many blessings of love and light!

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