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After Death Communication

I am often contacted for private or group sessions because people are longing to communicate with their loved ones.

Spirit always makes their presence known in many ways. The feeling of their presence with you may leave you wondering if they have crossed over. Maybe you feel them watching or maybe they pull your covers to get your attention. Sometimes you can feel a gentle brush across your face, or experience a visitation dream.

Truth be told they are with you, they are free of pain and all other restrictions they had during their physical life here. Remember we are all souls with light bodies. When the body dies the soul lives on. Trust that they will know when the perfect time is to contact you.

Below are some of the signs that they give you to get your attention:

A tug or poking feeling

Feeling their presence or a feeling of watching...this is their way of Protecting. This is sometimes a feeling of Chills.

Finding shiny coins, pennies, dimes. If you find a coin check the year.

Sudden appearance of birds, hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies are very common as they signify transformation.

Electrical items switching on and off and a call from a phone number that was theirs and seeing it on a display screen as incoming.

Appearance of Rainbows.

Same set of numbers showing up.

Scents associated with them.

Items go missing and come back again or items moving out of place.

A favorite song.

Synchronicity and other strange coincidences.

Seeing someone at a distance and thinking its them.

Hearing them call your name.

No you are not crazy and you are not losing your mind. Please know that your loved ones will do many things to get your attention. These ADC's that I mentioned above are also heightened at times of a special occasion, weddings, birthday, anniversary of passing.

Our loved ones can also offer us guidance but an important thing to know is they are disconnected from material things of this world and can't stop us from the Karmic lessons we need to learn. They can't interfere with our free will.

Most often they help where they can to show their love for us never ends. Every random thought is them.

When spirit comes through to me I will deliver any message. I am your tour guide. It may be from someone you may not want to hear from but they may be asking for forgiveness or sometimes it will be a bridge for connecting you to the person you wanted to hear from.

Sometimes things may not make any sense at the time of the session, but a few months from now it will validate itself. Any genuine Psychic Medium will remove their ego and allow spirit to speak. They drive the reading not me. I trust them!

Always acknowledge their communication with you and thank them. It takes so much energy for them to do this. It's such a blessing and helps us in the grief process. So accept graciously.

Many blessings of love and light!

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