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Tapping Into Awareness and Consciousness

Most of us go about our daily journey in awareness mode. Awareness is not necessarily intuition. It is more of being in the now, the present moment. It drives our accountability in the physical presence. It drives our free-will.

Consciousness is bringing it up a notch and being in touch with spirituality. It is a place of awareness where the physical world no longer obstructs your understanding. The sub-conscious mind remembers everything, more than your conscious mind. It is all about being aware of spiritual interactions taking place and allows for learning and personal growth on your path.

In some sense the two are intertwined. Awareness leads to a higher level of consciousness when we ask for help along our spiritual path. Always take time at the end of the day to meditate and reflect upon the events. Let go of what no longer serves you as you ascend to a higher level. This helps to ground your energy and bring it back home so your batteries are recharged for the next day.

Many blessings of love and light.

-Psychic Medium Charlene

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