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Raising Your Vibration

Every thought in our minds produces a reaction that contributes to our overall well-being. A negative thought lowers your vibration and therefore lowers your state of mind. It becomes the ultimate vampire of energy. The old saying "watch your thoughts for they become actions" has much truth to it. In order to maintain high vibrations, you need to refrain from concentrating on outcomes and maintain a positive mindset.

Raising your vibrational energy is essentially raising your consciousness level overall. Therefore, if something or someone does not match your vibrational energy, rise above it. Your mind is powerful. I use the visual metaphor of cleaning out the closet, the junk in your head that you don't need and no longer serves you.

Raise your vibration to where you need to be, let go of outcomes, expectations, and what no longer serves a purpose in your life and what prevents you from achieving your own personal growth.

Many Blessings of Love and Light.

-Psychic Medium Charlene

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