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The Heart Shaped Bobby Pin

“You only get one heart take care of it”

I always find it amazing how Spirit Communicates with us and believe if you are still and listen you will hear them. Whether it is a on the spot session, a in person meeting or a scheduled reading Spirit always finds ways to deliver messages prior to a session.

I recently had a session with a lovely family and was in a no fuss mood with my hair. So I decided to go with bobby pins. I was going to use regular ones when I was directed to a box I never use. At the bottom of the box was an old black bobby pin with a rhinestone heart. So I stop and said this one Spirit and heard yes that will do. Then came the dilemma I only had one so I quickly grabbed another black plain one for the left side. During the session as one of her loved ones came through I was pointed to the right side of my head and delivered a message of “take care of your heart you only have one” which happened to be something said all of the time by her loved one.

Many other messages came through however to not get into medical details the family knew what it meant. So it just goes to show that you never discard any message from Spirit and my mystery was solved why I only had one heart shaped Bobby Pin!

As they say the wisdom of Spirit is always available to those who listen!

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