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A Psychic Mediums Perspective on Grieving-Back to Life and Living Again.

Being a Psychic Medium does not mean that we do not grieve the death of our loved ones, in fact it is quite the opposite. As humans we all miss the interactions of our loved ones physical presence on a daily basis. All grief is different, losing a spouse is different than losing a parent, losing a child is different than losing a parent. It does not mean that one loss is more significant as the other. A loss is a loss period. However , with the ability to be aware and conscious of their energy and presence in the afterlife is certainly viewed from a higher perspective in the spiritual realm.

Doing this work has allowed me to bring that awareness to some of you . The signs they give to you personally , visitation dreams, quick memories that pop into you head, a song that comes on a the radio out of the blue . Every random thought is them. The truth is their energy is present and their soul lives now in their spiritual body. Some fear that thoughts will diminish after they move on but that is not the case. Your loved ones will make their presence known. In fact our loved ones want us to live!

There are many stages of grief, but Acceptance is the final stage. Those that choose acceptance find it to be a pleasing choice that will consistently provide desired results that eliminate fear, doubt, worry and anxiety and continues to attract positive energy. So always remember our departed loved ones have completed their labor here on earth and their energy remains with us. So when you are ready, do not fear acceptance. Their is no time limit on grief. Acceptance, it is something that will allow you to live again and continue on your journey, your path and allow you to continue your Labor on Earth, your Spiritual growth and lessons!

Many blessings of love and light!

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